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*Contemporary Musical Theatre Vocal Style*

This class is designed to help students understand the difference in contemporary vocal styles in musical theater, and how they differ from the styles in traditional musicals. We will focus on the influence of pop/rock in contemporary musical theater, and how singers can incorporate certain pop/rock technique in a healthy way.


This class can be focused to work with singers individually or in groups!

*Build Your Audition Book*

This class is designed to help singers hone their auditioning skills while working on material from their current book. Melissa will also help students to add new material that they can develop in class and prepare for upcoming auditions. 

*Pop/Rock Vocal Style*

This class is for any singer looking to hone their pop/rock vocal skills while working with a live pianist on a song selection of the singer's choice. Melissa will help students to discover their strengths as a pop/rock singer, and each participant will have multiple opportunities to work in class. 

*Musical Theatre Styles*

This class will explore the different  vocal styles found in musical theater. Melissa will guide the class through a focused warm up, helping the class to understand the purpose of each exercise. She will then teach a portion of selections from famous Broadway shows, helping the class to understand the difference in dynamics and style from show to show.

This class can be focused for any age group.

*Broadway Voice for Seniors*

This class is designed for seniors who love classic Broadway songs! Melissa will teach the class and explain a focused vocal warm up, then as a group, she will teach the class a few famous tunes from traditional Broadway shows!

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